Convalescence and rehabilitation

Getting you back on your feet

Good convalescent care & rehabilitation play a very important role in the recovery process following a stay in hospital and will help to speed up a return to good health.

Chilton House offer the ideal environment for that respite, rehabilitation and convalescence. Our experienced team and rehabilitation programme speeds recovery and enables a quicker and more confident return to home and independence.

With many years of experience in caring for post-operative patients, we specialise in supporting those recovering from surgery, with particular expertise for those recovering from joint replacements, spinal and general surgery.. We provide nursing and physiotherapy care for  a wide range of conditions including cancer, stroke, multiple sclerosis (MS) and Parkinson’s disease.

We will tailor your care & rehabilitation according to your needs, ensuring that you can enjoy your convalescence, and use the tranquillity and calm to your benefit, enabling a speedy recovery.

Care Pathway

A thorough pre assessment through liaison with the hospitals’ consultants and physiotherapists ensures that on admission we have all the necessary and relevant medical information. A detailed assessment process then takes place during the first 24 hours after arrival, considering all the requirements for returning home. This provides the plan for a clear pathway to success.

A professional approach to individual nursing care is made possible by the high ratio of staff to patient. This staffing structure reflects the philosophy that staff have ‘Time to Care’. A Registered Nurse is on duty 24 hours a day assisted by a team of experienced carers. The local GP practice is always on call.

Chilton House recognises that physiotherapy plays a crucial part in the recovery process. Our experienced in-house team of physiotherapists are all Chartered and HCPC registered and are available at times to suit you. An optional ‘out-patient’ physiotherapy clinic offers the opportunity for continuing the recovery process once the patient returns home.